I participated in the project because it was a new adventure with an old friend and I was open to where ever it led me. Katie and Shari provided a comfortable, non threatening environment that allowed me to dig deep into my feelings and express them artistically, verbally and internally. Ultimately I had more clarity around some of my hurts and was able to deal more effectively with the issues that were causing me frustration and sadness. I loved being a part of this project and would urge others to lean in to this modality (Radical Forgiveness). 

Susan Sassman 

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Testimonials from  iamallthatis participants  

Last year, the project started with women who have influenced me along my journey. More recently the reach extended outward to women I do not know, expanding the circle and the story to show how ultimately we are all connected. My kindergarden teacher was one of the first participants in the project. It was so lovely to reconnect with her! She preferred not to share her personal information on the web site and social media. However, I would like to talk about the experience without using her name or photo. As it turns out, I learned through our reconnection through the project experience, that she too was an art major in college, before choosing to become a Montessori teacher. At age 5, when she was my kindergarden teacher, she quickly recognized and nourished my true nature, helping me and my parents to embrace my authentic expression as an artist. What an important and major influence she was, in my first school experience and therefore in my life. Your first experiences can shape and mold your entire future! I hope our reconnection helped her to know what an important influence she was in my life and I am sure, for so many other children.

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The two women below Jen and Sue, have also been great influences on my journey to remembering and embracing my authentic being. The were also part of the first group of five participants. Both wrote testimonials about their experiences with the project...

Almost immediately after finishing the project, I started experiencing insights, old beliefs and emotions, and opportunities to experience past patterns that I was ready to let go of now.  The difference between before and after the process was that before, these feelings and experiences would be all consuming.  However, after the process, I was able to observe these things objectively, without attachment and release the need to repeat them.  Awesome breakthroughs and increase in self esteem was another fabulous side effect.  

The artistic photos that Katie created were so freeing and fun.  When I was unsure, she offered encouragement and helpful tips.  When I was self conscious, she was reassuring and loving.  It was a beautiful experience that supported my desire to express my creativity and feminity.  Thanks you so much, Katie, Shari, and everyone else who made this process possible.

With Love,
Jennifer Daniels
Wellness Coach

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