About The  iamallthatis Project 

"I create my life and I am empowered to be myself again, to unconditionally love and support myself, just the way I am, in all my power and magnificence!" 

Welcome and thanks for taking the time to learn more about the iamallthatis project experience! My name is Katie Klein, I am a mother, artist and photographer. I came across a powerful self-discovery process several years ago, during a time that some major changes were happening in my life. The most significant change that I experienced was my divorce. I decided to learn from these experiences and to open my heart instead of shutting myself down in resistance and allowing the same patterns to continue. I feel like my life has shifted 180 degrees since then, as new opportunities come up to let go of all the old things that no longer serve me in moving forward. I am so thankful that I had access to the tools in this process that I used during that time, as they gave me the support that I needed to make so many positive changes in my life. I was able to break free from the old patterns that were running my life and to let go of the old thoughts, ideas and stories that no longer served me. This self-discovery process enabled me to re-connect with my inner voice and empowered me to start creating the life that I want, instead of feeling like a victim of external circumstances.  

I now feel more trust, peace and happiness than I ever thought was imaginable. The best part of looking within and letting go of the things that no longer served my best interest, was that I came back into alignment with my soul's purpose. I now understand why I am here and what I am supposed to be doing, what a gift!  My soul's path includes sharing these tools, my story and my gifts with others. Helping to open the door and support others in going through their own self-discovery process!

The project experience creates a safe and supportive environment, which helps participants to feel brave enough to look within and to experience the joy, happiness and peace that is felt when we re-connect with our own inner truths. Once we come back into alignment with the truth of who we really are, everything makes sense!  We see that every life experience in our past has led us to this place. We trust and let go of the old, open up and start living from the heart instead of the mind and we start to really connect with others, soul to soul. When we connect with ourselves and others on this deep level, we start to understand what oneness really is and what life is really all about, and that true happiness comes from within. We understand that only through loving and embracing ourselves, can we fully embrace and love others with no judgement, without the illusion of separateness. We are all part of the greater whole as we share this human experience, I AM ALL THAT IS. 

I developed the iamallthatis project as a way to share these self discovery tools with others, an integrative experience that also includes art and photography. The art and photography act as visual tools, that help to integrate the positive changes that occur for each project participant on a deep level, mind, body and spirit. Having those visual elements included, really helps to document the changes that have occurred (before and after photos) and to be able to create a physical representation of the changes that have taken place within! 

The art creation also helps us to access our inner knowing, our purpose and helps us to re-connect with the creativity that we ALL have.

Creativity is not nurtured in our society. Many of us have lost connection to the creativity and imagination we had as children, as external sources, like school, our parents, peers and society started to influence us. In order to fit in and be accepted, we start to listen to these external influences and their ideas about what we need to do to be happy and successful. We loose touch with that tiny voice within us that knows exactly why we are here and what we are here to do, it just becomes more quiet and hidden over time. I believe Re-accessing your inner creativity is absolutely vital in being able to create the life you are meant to live! 

At some point in our lives, we start to question these ideas of external happiness and that other know what is best for us. Our little inner voice that has been hidden for so long, starts to get louder, remember me?  We start to wonder why we feel so disconnected from ourselves and if there might be a different way of living. And when we start questioning these things and go within, that is where we can find our own unique answers. We can also remove the blockages that hold us in the same patterns and move forward to create different life experiences. 

I believe the main purpose of why we are here, that is the basis of discovering our own unique gifts and path, is to learn how to love and accept ourselves unconditionally. When we can look within and start to love an accept all parts of ourselves without judgement, we can extend that true love, without resentment and conditions to others. We start to open up and live our lives from a heart centered place and this is our soul's purpose. We don't have to do anything special, we just share our time and energy and passions with others naturally at that point. 

The project started last year and thus far I have shared the iamallthatis project experience with over thirty individuals in the N.C. area. I have been so honored to have had the assistance of Shari Claire in helping me to share this project experience, offering individual sessions and also working in small groups. I synchronistically met Shari years ago, when I really started delving deeply into my own self-discovery work. She taught the first class I took, involving the the self-discovery tools that I now use in the project experience! Shari has been sharing her coaching expertise for many years and you can learn more about the tools and the process she uses in the link below. I have been working on my coaching certificate as well this year and should have that finalized this May! In the meantime, Shari has been facilitating the self-discovery work with the project participants and has been a wonderful experience for all involved to say the least. We have witnessed so many profound and life changing experiences for all of the participants. It is so gratifying to be able to watch all of the beautiful things that continue to unfold in all of these women's lives as they are feeling empowered to embrace their own unique and authentic paths! 

Check out the  Radical Forgiveness site  to learn more about some of the self-discovery tools used in the project experience. This is the work that Shari is certified in coaching and she is also the creative partner of Colin Tipping the author of the work. Colin and his wife Jo Ann are amazing people and I have had the pleasure of working with both of them in several workshops that they have offered. I have also had the pleasure of photographing them and I am so grateful to have their support, along with Shari, for the iamallthatis project! Colin often says that art is one of the most powerful ways to integrate the changes that occur after doing the first four steps of the Radical Forgiveness process. Art creation can act as the fifth and final step to integrate the energetic changes made on a cellular level, into the mind, body and spirit. And believe me, it is powerful stuff, I can attest from my own experience! 

What's next?? This summer, I am taking the iamallthatis project to the next level in phase 2! My six year old son and I will be adventuring in an RV across the U.S.A to share the project experience with more people!  All of the wonderful things that have happened in the project participant's lives thus far have inspired me to expand the project's reach. My heart has opened up x 10! We all inspire each other to learn and grow through opening up our hearts and sharing our stories and energy with each other. One of the project participants was so inspired by her own experience with the project, that it looks as though she will be traveling with me for part of the summer to help share the project experience with others!

When the project experience feels complete, I will put together a book based on the full journey start to finish. Sharing the stories that make us all human, that connect us and all the stories of transformation. I also plan to travel with a gallery show, including some of the photographs of the project participants. I will continue to share this same experience full time, even after the project itself is complete, as I now know that it is my life's work.  All very exciting and I look forward to seeing what else unfolds along this journey! 


Keep up with the  blog  to watch the project transform and unfold yourself! The cities we will be visiting this summer on the project tour will be listed on the website soon, come participate in the project in a city near you! I will also be offering individual coaching sessions for those who may not be able to attend in person. Contact me by email here contact page if you are interested in an individually coached experience! You can also email me directly at katiekleinphoto@gmail.com

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