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 "Awesome breakthroughs and increase in self esteem was another fabulous side effect." read more... 


Jennifer Daniels,

project participant

Katie and Shari provided a comfortable, non threatening environment that allowed me to dig deep into my feelings and express them artistically, verbally and internally. Ultimately I had more clarity around some of my hurts and was able to deal more effectively with the issues that were causing me frustration and more...


Susan Sassman,

project participant 

Read more about the idea behind the project, the goal and the details! 

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In collaboration with The Center for Visual Artists, a special thanks for providing studio space for the ART creation portion of the project. They will also be hosting the first gallery show for the final project images and will be keeping up with the project development in their newsletter. 

Everyone is creative! This is a preview of a new video that is not yet complete, but wanted to go ahead and share it. Click here to view an older video that shows the 4 step process used in project experience. 

About the project